Stroud Artists Books

Tony Broad

2007 – 2009 MA in printmaking at Camberwell School of Arts UAL.

While I enjoy and am challenged by the act of making books my real interest is to tease around the idea and try and shoehorn it into a meaningful book where the form extends the idea rather than just contains it.

The book works I construct are sometimes just fun but mainly seem to be exploring how we perceive, not just the traditional book but also our expectations of the book form. 

Always I’m trying to avoid the obvious; which in itself is a real catalyst and a lot of personal stuff surfaces, the challenge is to keep to the designated theme.

I believe there are three stages in how we interact with a bookwork

1.         Encounter –  what the hell is that
2.         First contact – that feels weird
3.         Reveal  – well I never

Each of these stages can repeat or last as long as needed.

Motto: No surprise for the maker means no surprise for the reader.