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The galleries below show the range of responses for each monthly theme, which is always diverse and fascinating.
You can also see more of our work at our Facebook page.

November 2019

November’s theme was ‘Between the Lines’. This was our final theme for the year, with a special meeting planned for December, and there’s nothing like finishing on a high!!

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October 2019

August 2019

Our theme was ‘Reflection’.  The meeting was well attended with many wonderfully diverse contributions, as always.

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July 2019

‘Alphabet’ was the theme this time, with a very large attendance in our lovely new space, followed by a short workshop on making a folded box structure.

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June 2019

The theme this month was ‘Gather’ – broadly interpreted as always. This was our second meeting in the new premises, and we followed up the display of work by a workshop led by Corinne Renow-Clarke demonstrating an unusual folding technique.

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May 2019

Our first meeting in the new space at The Exchange, for which Ruth had baked a delicious cake! The theme was ‘Page 38 of a Book’ which had many exciting interpretations.

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April 2019

April’s theme was ‘Recycled’. We had a large turnout for this meeting, with very varied responses.

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March 2019

The Theme for March was ‘Peeled’.

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February 2019

This month’s theme was ‘Structure’. The responses were, if anything, even more diverse than usual.

December 2018

This month there was no specific theme: members were asked to bring along anything they wanted to show, or to request help with

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November 2018

November’s theme was “I Come From…”

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